O.G.’s / Chocolat – Jet Black Lens

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Chocolat O.G. Bamboo Sunglasses w/ Polarized Jet Black Lenses

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• All Kynd bamboo sunglasses feature scratch & shatter resistant REVO polarized UV400 lenses
• So lightweight, they float in water (no joke).
• Each pair comes with a bamboo "stash" case, microfiber cloth & bag, and an eyeglass tool.


All of our bamboo sunglasses are custom-designed and hand-crafted from naturally sustainable bamboo with you in mind.  Kynd bamboo sunglasses feature scratch & shatter resistant high-contrast polarized lenses with 100% UV protection for the utmost clarity and eye protection, all made by one of the industry’s leading lens technology companies – REVO.  Our lenses help dramatically reduce glare, enrich and enhance the view around you, and leave your eyes feeling oh so satisfied! All Kynd bamboo sunglasses come with a free bamboo ‘stash’ case and microfiber cleaning cloth to keep your shades protected and looking as fresh as the day you bought them.

3 reviews for O.G.’s / Chocolat – Jet Black Lens

  1. Blake

    just got them in the mail friday. they are FIRE! 🙂

  2. Adriana

    Totally impressed. This is my second pair, and the quality improvement from 2 years ago is really noticeable. And I really like this chocolate color stain.

  3. Thomas

    Fell off the boat, and what floated up right next to me? My Kynd shades. Love it

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